Why you should invest in stylish and practical sliding mirror wardrobes for your bedroom

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, it is important to consider the limitations of space. You can make the most of what you have by choosing the right wardrobe – a wardrobe with sliding doors is a great solution and can look fantastic in any bedroom too. These wardrobes can also double up as a mirror, making it one less thing you have to buy and find space for.


Out of all the rooms in your home it is quite likely that you consider your bedroom to be the most important one – this is a room which you need to feel comfortable in and where you need to be able to relax. Therefore, when it comes to decorating and furnishing this room you will want to plan ahead and think about the sort of style you want to achieve and what you want to fill it with. For many people, decorating and furnishing can be a bit of a chore and can cause you stress if you have not done it before, but decorating can also be good fun and a chance to be creative. You will want the end product to be as stylish as possible (and not forgetting the practical aspects as well – there’s no point having something that looks good if it doesn’t do a job).

It’s important to not fill the bedroom with clutter as mess can be a direct cause of stress. Many people will only have a few items in their bedroom, like a bed, bedside table, a desk, mirror and a wardrobe plus possibly a chair or a chaise lounge, depending on the size of the room. You will want to minimize the amount of space that these items take up so that there is some space for you to move about in – there are a few ways in which you can do this.

One excellent method is to combine two of the items mentioned above, the mirror and the wardrobe. You can invest in modern and stylish sliding mirror wardrobes for your bedroom which take up almost no room and also look terrific in any bedroom too. Instead of having doors that open outwards and into the room, these wardrobes have doors which slide to the side, meaning that it’s only the main body of it that takes up any space. These wardrobes can also be fitted to your bedroom, which means that they look great and should also have enough storage space for all of your clothing and any other items, helping to minimize clutter in the bedroom. The sliding mechanism allows for easy access too, so it is clear why these wardrobes are so popular amongst homeowners. The fact that they double up as a mirror too is another great advantage as it means you have a large, full body mirror right where all your clothes are and you do not have to buy another one and find space for it.

If you are currently decorating your bedroom and want a cool, stylish and practical wardrobe then consider purchasing a sliding mirror wardrobe which will suit any style of bedroom and take up less space than your traditional type of wardrobe with doors that open outwards.

Great BBQ Grill Gift Ideas

Casual entertaining on the back deck or patio is one of the simple joys of summer although grilling is so popular many folks do it all year long, even in the rain and snow. There are even some specialty BBQ items for grills like umbrellas which clip onto the grill, hats equipped with an attached hands-free LED flashlight, spatulas and burger flippers with attached lights for grilling in the dark and heated mats to put on the deck to keep your feet warm while grilling in cold weather or on snow. If you know someone who lives to grill there are plenty of great BBQ and grill gift ideas that will really enhance their grilling experience.

BBQ Grill on the PatioBBQ Grill on the Patio (image from designbuildpros.com)

Branding irons which sear the meat as rare, medium or well done have been around for a while but you can also get them with a monogram or family crest – this is a great gift idea for someone who has a signature dish or style of grilling. A chef’s apron made of sturdy canvas is another good idea, especially one that features a clip of hook for a hand towel. This keeps the apron clean since the towel can easily be washed and replaced on a regular basis.

Many grill fans are foodies in general; folks with an appreciation for food and wine can be easy to buy gifts for because they will enjoy a something like a special sauce, a spicy rub or a chili kit. Fans of wine and cheese cellars might appreciate a wheel of gourmet cheese or a special bottle of wine which pairs particularly well with grilled meats or poultry. As in any giftgiving situation it’s always a good idea to think about what the recipient would enjoy but not necessarily buy for them self.

Toddler Bedding & Pillows

The move from a crib to a bed is a big step in the development of any child and experts have all sorts of ideas on what the correct timing should be for such a big step forward. It can be tempting to buy lots of fun and fanciful toddler and crib bedding in the hopes of keeping baby in the crib as long as possible – that’s all well and good but more often than not your child will let you know when they’ve outgrown the crib simply because they are caught climbing out of it.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead for the move by shopping for a toddler bed well in advance of what any experts have to say. Many toddler beds are convertible – some can even convert to oversize reading chairs and are ideally suited for use in a nursery. Other models are designed to convert from a crib to a toddler bed.

Toddler Bedding & Pillows
Toddler Bedding & Pillows

Toddler beds use the same size mattress as a crib so you could use the same bedding but when it seems like it might be time to make the move it’s a good idea to let your child select new bedding or a quilt or comforter they like – perhaps something with a favorite cartoon or storybook character that will help them make the transition more easily. When they have something to look forward to, sleeping in the big kid bed can be a less daunting prospect.

Some comfortable stuffed animals, throw or toss pillows can also make the toddler bed look more inviting and feel like a comfortable place to dive into. A good way to begin the transition is to let your child use the toddler bed for naps at first and then migrate into the toddler bed for night time use.

Porch Lighting

There’s nothing better than an evening on the garden porch in the company of friends and family, or simply a great book. And with the warmer months approaching, now is the time to make your porch (or pergola) as inviting as your living room. Consider it an extension of your home, and give decorating the same thought you would the interior.

Add style to your porch with different types of outdoor furniture, such as a set of outdoor dining table and chairs. If you don’t have the space, you can purchase an armchair and an outdoor coffee table on which to read the morning papers. Plant pots are also a simple and affordable way to update the area.

Porch Lighting

But whether you plan on hosting al fresco dinner parties, or want a spot to enjoy a glass of wine on a balmy summer night, the most important thing to factor in is lighting. After all, there is no point having great garden furniture if you can’t see it. And who wants to eat in the dark?

Geoffrey Harris web-shop sells a wide selection of top quality garden lights, from barn lamp style wall sconces like the Tressino, or contemporary wall lamps, such as the modern shaped Puzzle. Both are great for low porch ceilings or for positioning over a door.

Porch ceiling lights are an alternative general light source for screened porches and pergolas. The Montparnasse light comes as a wall light or as a pendant light, and is a classic design with a polished nickel finish and clear glass. It provides a romantic design accent to the exterior, which is probably why it shares its name with the creative hub of the Art-Deco movement in France. Place a few in a row to make a stunning feature without overstating it, or just mount one over an outdoor dining table or over an armchair.

Even if you don’t have a large garden area or a pergola, this light is also great for your front porch. Welcome visitors with a charming fixture and illuminate the open space. Light sensors can also be fitted for security. Otherwise, if you use your garage for more than just storage, the Montparnasse is a great option for handsome but functional garage lighting.

Visit Geoffrey Harris online or their London shop to browse all their exterior light options.

Considering the Elders in the Family

As our family keeps on adding more members to the already growing Dinampo family, so does the growing numbers of elderly people and it is expected that one of these days their physical or bodily functions starts to diminish. So it is understandable that they might ask for assistance in doing some of their daily activities and we will become personal caregivers for our parents later on. And ParentGiving.com is one of the leading companies where you can find elderly home care products that will assist you in looking after for the senior citizens.

Bedside CommodeSo far, my parents are still strong and able that their physical mobility is not limited still but we all know that growing old is certainly unavoidable and for sure they are going that way. Although we won’t be using any of those elderly care products in the near future, yet, it is still wise to know their existence. And when the time comes, then a bedside commode will become a necessity in order to avoid accidents and for us to feel secure knowing that they are in safe hands.

And for now, we will try to enjoy each day that we spent with our parents while they still can function and do their daily routine before the aging process starts creeping on them. How I wish I have the luxury of visiting them every week and it even became harder since my move here in Manila for the search of better and quality hospital where I can practice my internship.